I was introduced to this product in 2008. Since these cloths are amazing and work so well, I ordered several through the dealer and directly by internet. I gave them to my friends and family as hostess gifts. Most of the people who received them placed repeat orders. I also arranged for 20 cloths to be shipped to Scotland. Recently I attended a Xmas luncheon with my golfing partners. I gave a cloth to each of the ladies at my table. I have since received requests for 12 Ultimate Cloths. It is so easy to represent a product when you believe in it and it really works so well.

Marion Thompson, Collingwood,ON

YES, I LOVE the Cloth!!! I am sure you have heard this a thousand or more times. You should be proud that you have such a wonderful product. You were right once again, once you start using it you will find a 1000 and 1 uses.

Caren Huard, Mississauga, ON

I used the Ultimate cloth for the first time today and I am very impressed. It took me as long as it normally does to clean the bathroom but instead of just doing the sink, tub and toilet, I did all the walls too. Remarkable! My favorite part, was that i have an old ceramic soap dish in my shower that I have never been able to get clean of soap scum and residue. ( I'm guessing it has been there for years. It always looks a sight!) But today it now shines and I can even see it's original color, grey. This cloth is really going to reduce my cleaning time and it is chemical free. That is exciting news for me as I really value my time and I would much rather spend it with family and things of value and importance than on cleaning. I am quite impressed and I would be interested in finding out more about buisness opportunities with selling these.

Kimberly Oduor, Ottawa, ON

Just purchased some of your cloths from my neighbour, who has just become a distributor. I've spent the morning cleaning windows, mirrors, our eyeglasses, picture frames, the microwave and range hood and your cloths are everything they're advertised AND More!!! Everything shines and sparkles and I won't ever be without these cloths in my home again! I'm going to buy one for all my friends and family and I'm sure they'll feel like I do.

Heather O'Neil, Mississauga, ON

We love the simplicity of cleaning shiny surfaces. Our families now have started to use them. Makes cleaning car windows simple with no more streaks when driving into the sun. Can't say enough about them

Raymond Barrett, Mount Hope, ON

Very impressed! Effortless and effective on my black flat Jennaire cooktop. Swipe and unsightly streaks/residue are GONE!

Beth from Delta, BC

Vintage Green Apartments in Ilderton, ON (ten minutes northwest of London) is a thirty-six unit, three storey apartment building for seniors.(vintagegreen.on.ca). This building features a large atrium; each floor has one hundred and sixty two panes of glass. In other words we have, on the inside of the building alone six hundred and forty eight 3' x 4' windows to clean; a mammoth task. The outside has even more glass panes as the perimeter is larger. A friend gave me one of your cloths and after trying it out I immediately ordered fifteen cloths. Within the last week we have cleaned 75% of our windows, solely with your cloths and clean, warm water. The time spent from normal cleaning was cut BY MORE THAN HALF and there were NO STREAKS on the glass. Your product is fabulous! Several of our renters have asked where to purchase your product and I have been a walking advertisement

Wilma Van Bussel, Ilderton, ON

My scummy coffee maker is now sparkling..no more Windex..car windows stay cleaner, longer..only amazing !

Ruth Rezel, Beamsville, ON

I used the cloth for the first time in my cleaning business. It cut down the time I spent cleaning! TRULY A MIRACLE

Theresa, Calgary, AB

I was so amazed how easy this cloth cleans and the windows and mirrors with NO streaks. My car windows where my dog's little nose was all over and wipe with the magic of the cloth, GONE and truly streak free. Thank you!

C. Peeling

I own my own residential cleaning business and my husband came home with these cloths and told me to try them and I cannot tell you how much time it saved me not having to use all different kinds of cleaning products and rags and paper towels. I was so impressed with these cloths it has changed my way of cleaning. It is so much quicker and less expensive, they are a great investment.

C. McGinty

I am an obsessive cleaner and I used to swear by SuperCloth until I tried this cloth. It cleans mirrors, windows, marble, granite, tile, china closet, curio cabinet like no other product. It leaves absolutely no streaks or lint behind. Saves so much time because I don't have to keep going over things 2 and 3 times to get them streak or lint free. It makes things actually "sparkle". My husband even noticed the difference. Definitely can't live without these cloths.

J. Van Sciver

Remember me?? I was your biggest sceptic at the Halifax Home Show. I bought the cloths and I still can't believe how they work!!! I did one window first and I looked at it at least 6 times afterwards and yup..it was clean and sparkling!!! I have now used it on my stove, windows, eye glasses, glass table tops and am never cease to be amazed. I have been demonstrating to my friends and now they all want them.

Corrine, Halifax, NS

I have been using the Ultimate Cloth for the past ten years and I can't be without them. Originally my mother gave me my first one, and since then I literally use them at least once a day! Great for wiping down glass, windshields, mirrors, and it works great on my stainless stove and fridge. I even keep one in my office and vehicle for cleaning glasses. The cloths wash like a dream. This is one item that does exactly what it says it will . I find four cloths not enough - I now buy 20 at a time because my friends want them too! Thanks for a great product and great service!

Melanie Pepper, Burlington, ON

We own Camp Michi-Wawa a fishing resort in Northern Ontario and we have 9 cabins with many windows. This Ultimate Product works wonders and saves me time cleaning, utilizing only the Ultimate cloth and virtually no cleaning product. Thank you for giving us time to fish

Lu & Ken, Wawa, ON

I hate cleaning, but since I purchased a set of these, cleaning is not longer a chore. Everyone tells me I could be a spokes person, because I won't shut up about how awesome this product is. It is truly the first time a product lives up to what it says it will do. I have not used any cleaning products since I purchased these. There isn't anything the can't clean!!! Amazing!!!

Sheila Lord, Salmon Arm, BC

My sister-in-law was raving about the Ultimate Cloth so I decided to order a small package. I am not a very dedicated housekeeper, but with these cloths, I just can't stop trying them on something new! Today I was in the shower, and ended up grabbing a cloth and cleaning the whole shower stall... before I dried myself off! That was the moment I decided that these cloths are like gold... I have to look into being a distributor!

Linda Ostrowalker, McKerrow, ON

My mother gave me an Ultimate Cloth. She got it from a friend who got them "someplace I can't remember." However, I've used it today for the first time, and am sold. I'm ordering more for me and as gifts for my family and friends. I also wanted to tell you that I used it on my cherry hardwood floor and it looks like it's been polished. Thank you for a product that lives up to the hype!

M. Kunst

I bought several and tried one. I have a stove with a lot of glass which greases up very easily. It really is an eye sore if it's not cleaned properly. It usually takes me a lot of spray, paper towels and a lot of rubbing to clean the glass. I tried the Ultimate Cloth and ONE swipe and it's clear!!!!! - I couldn't believe it!

Bernadette Robb, Caledon, ON

I bought one of your cloths at the recent Toronto home show. My husband and I saw you cleaning that window after applying Vaseline to it, we still thought it was a setup. I still wanted to try one so I only purchased one. Let me tell you, I cannot be any happier about this cloth. I have 2 small kids so there are always fingerprints everywhere!! I have no time for pulling out cleaning solutions to dust and clean windows, I just use my cloth. I don't have to worry about my 2 year old trying to spray Windex or orange glo all over the place. Actually, my 2 year helps me clean, she loves to clean the windows for me.

Pam, Toronto

Dining room mirror, solarium windows, dark brown acrylic shower, marble countertop, build up on wooden arms of an upholstered chair, and on and on and on. I've never had so much fun cleaning!

M. Livingston

For over 15 years we have never found a product whether Windex, vinegar, Mr. Clean, baking soda etc. or otherwise that would satisfactorily clean the scum from our patio doors! Yours worked perfectly with very little effort! We have now tested it on our Patio doors, our computer screen, TV screen, chrome faucets, white laminate kitchen cabinet doors which have always left streaks using any other product! It works wonders! Many, many thanks for a superb product that is true to its claims!

Ross & Jan Howlett, Orillia, ON

Thank you for the time you have given me. I've bought microfiber before, but nothing was like this cloth. You were right, microfiber is NOT created equal and this is definitely a superior cloth. I'll never buy anywhere else again.

D Helman Denver, CO

My patio door has the wooden grids on the outside, (not between the glass).... I have done everything and used every solution to clean those small windows that anyone told me about, until a friend told me about the cloths. I said, very skeptically "if it works" I will buy a ton of them.... The very first time I cleaned that door... no more streaks... That was all it took to make a believer out of me. Also the large window over my kitchen sink... no more streaks in the evening sun... my Jeep windshield, my husbands glasses, his scope for hunting.... I'm truly amazed at the wonders of this cloth, once you use one, you will never again use a paper towel and spray... It certainly is worth every cent you spend on one... great stocking stuffers.