NEW MiraFiber® Platinum

After two years, we are proud to finally release our MiraFiber® Platinum. It is similar to our original patented MiraFiber® (see diagram on the right), in the respect to it's construction. However, there are two main differences. First, it is manufactured differently to pick up even more materials off of surfaces. Mainly, bacteria. This revolutionary process enables users to pick up 99.99% of bacteria (certified by ACTLabs). Not only that, but embedded into the fibers are natural antimircobial filaments that are spun endlessly which are incapable of being released from the cloth. These special antimicrobial filaments will kill any residual bacteria left within the cloth after rinsing within 24hrs. (certified by ACTLabs). All of this cleaning power, but just as effective at keeping surfaces streak free, spot free and lint free.

Available in Colours

When asking customers if they could change anything, or rather improve on anything with MiraFiber®, the only issue seemed to be the colour. Many customers wanted different colours, either to identify or to mask any permanent cleaning marks aquired over years of use. Unfortunately, the dying process of MiraFiber® is a tricky one. We can only use a specific dye so as not to fill the internal spaces within the cloth too much as this would affect the cleaning power. Not only that, there is the issue of dyes bleeding. That combination was something that we have also been working on for years. Now we have perfected this as well. We are currently offering our MiraFiber® Platinum cloths in 2 designer neutral colors. Why neutral? After much deliberation, we felt the best colours would be designer neutral colours that would match any household. MiraFiber® Platinum is currently available in Sahara Tan and Slate Grey.

Will there be more colours in the future? Absolutely a possiblity. But currently, just the two neutrals. However, we are always open to suggestions as we highly value input from customers.

How can you tell if it's working?

No bad odors. Did you know that your smelly dish cloth smells because of bacteria? Have you ever noticed that they begin to smell within 24hrs of using them around the kitchen? This is because trapped food within the cloth acts as a growth media for bacteria. To keep the anitmicrobial filaments in clear contact with bacteria, be sure to wash your MiraFiber® Platinum cloths weekly. As always, never launder any MiraFiber® products with fabric softener as this will coat the filaments. Air dry only.

How to Use

Wet with water, wring it out well and wipe your surface. Not only will your surface dry bacteria free, streak free, lint and spot free. Rinse the cloth well after use. Wash MiraFiber® Platinum weekly to keep the antimircobial filaments in contact with bacteria. Machine washable. NO FABRIC SOFTENER - Air Dry Only.

About MiraFiber®

The MiraFiber® Difference

Ordinary Cloth Fiber tends to simply push dirt and dust. Residue is left behind on the surface you are cleaning. Lack of interior spaces makes ordinary cloth hold very little dirt or moisture. Ordinary Cloth Fiber tends to simply push dirt and dust. Residue is left behind on the surface you are cleaning.

MiraFiber Technology explained

Why it Works

Lack of interior spaces makes ordinary cloth hold very little dirt or moisture. MiraFiber® Technology has open spaces between fibers that act as millions of tiny 'scoops' that pull dust, dirt, oil & other contaminants into the cloth and hold them until washed away with mild soap or detergent. (Can also be bleached for disinfection.) Results are spotless, streak free surfaces. Water simply acts as a 'lubricant' which helps emulsify dirt & oil making it easier for the MiraFiber® technology to pick the dirt, grease & grime from your surfaces. Spaces also allow large amounts of moisture to be collected into the cloths making them very absorbent in quickly picking up spills. It also allows for quicker drying time eliminating much of the bacterial growth found in slow drying cloths. The MiraFiber® fiber is endless and incapable of leaving any lint of its own behind.