Tips and Care

Use the cloth damp

Simply wet it with water & wring out well.

Washable and bleachable

Machine washable with detergent, do not use any fabric softener (liquid or detergent with fabric softener added). Do not wash the Ultimate Cloth® with linty items such as towels as the cloth will attract the lint and end up on your surface. The ability to bleach Ultimate Cloth® enables users to disinfect the cloth as needed. Please bleach by way of washing machine. Do not soak the Ultimate Cloth® in bleach for an extended period of time as it is a fiber and can deteriorate. Hand washing with dish detergent is also acceptable, but please ensure that all of the detergent is rinsed out before using, otherwise it may streak.

**Note:  We guarantee a clean cloth will never streak, spot or scratch your surface. If you are getting streaks or spots, it's ready to be rinsed out with water or washed with soap or detergent depending on what you pulled into it. Be sure to rinse or wash any dirt or grit out of the cloth prior to using on a delicate surface.

Money back guarantee

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the number on package or on the website.

Use the Ultimate Cloth® on all hard surfaces

For a listing of all the surfaces, check out
general usage and surfaces

Money back guarantee

The Ultimate Cloth® is not available in any major retailers, as we are in the initial stages of marketing. "Word of Mouth" is the most powerful form of advertising.